I have been dying for a new purse! It all started when I spotted a super stylish girl on campus last summer with the LV neverfull and since then, I’ve been drooling each time I think about the bag. I’ve done a lot of research on higher end purses that I could use on campus and this one kept popping up on the list. The medium MM size is perfect to carry my laptop and books and I absolutely love the Damier Ebene print! Since I however can’t afford it for the time being, all I can do is make outfit posts with this very very gorgeous bag. What are some things on your wish-lists? And what do you think of the LV neverfull?

Neverfull outfit wishlist

Neverfull outfit wishlist





So, I’ll be spending the next couple of months studying abroad in Paris and I can hardly wait!! This has been a dream of mine that I’ve had for SO LONG! Now that it’s almost here, I’m mainly nervous and restless simply waiting for my departure date to get here 🙂 I’m thinking of creating a brand new blog documenting my study abroad trip featuring the above image.


I used to be a French Major and now I’m simply getting a minor but this hasn’t decreased the amount of love I have for France. I’m also double majoring in Int’l Business and Marketing so Europe is a sensible choice.


I’m so excited I can hardly keep still and Paris is constantly my main topic of conversation. Will keep you updated!

À Bientôt


Xx Meera

Craving box braids


I’ve been DYING to get braids so bad! I’m now completely done with my current hairstyle and just want to get these braids ASAP.  I’m also contemplating taking the natural hair route simply thanks to the fact that I’m done done DONE with extensions! Gah! it’s always a hassle and I figure, if it’s my natural hair, I’ll take care of it better. This isn’t the first time that I’ve actually tried going natural, but I’m hoping that with the help of tumblr and pics of a wonderful blogger called Yagazie Emezi, I’ll be able to survive.

Here’s some braid lovin’

Enjoy, Meera xx





Helloooo, from NEW YORK CITY!!!


Top: F21, Bag: Zara, Sunglasses, Watch, Jeans: Nordstrom

As my first actual written post on my brand new blog, I wanted to share a few pictures of my current vacay in NY!! I’m currently visiting a cousin and these pictures were of our day spent walking all around NYC! we walked from 9th ave to 43rd!! I know right?!? These words mean nothing at all to me except for the fact that we walked A TON!! I’m not a Native New Yorker okay so don’t judge.


The day was mainly spent shopping!! We found such good deals on jewelry, I nearly lost it each time I saw a price tag of <$5 on a piece of jewelry. I’m gonna confess, I might have gone a little bit overboard. (hangs face in shame) I just couldn’t help myself. This was my first trip to NY after all. The damage didn’t stop at the jewelry, A purse and a pair of orange suede flats (which look nicer than they sound) were also part of the damage.



All in all, twas a very good day so hopping in bed now with a huge grin on my face.