Helloooo, from NEW YORK CITY!!!


Top: F21, Bag: Zara, Sunglasses, Watch, Jeans: Nordstrom

As my first actual written post on my brand new blog, I wanted to share a few pictures of my current vacay in NY!! I’m currently visiting a cousin and these pictures were of our day spent walking all around NYC! we walked from 9th ave to 43rd!! I know right?!? These words mean nothing at all to me except for the fact that we walked A TON!! I’m not a Native New Yorker okay so don’t judge.


The day was mainly spent shopping!! We found such good deals on jewelry, I nearly lost it each time I saw a price tag of <$5 on a piece of jewelry. I’m gonna confess, I might have gone a little bit overboard. (hangs face in shame) I just couldn’t help myself. This was my first trip to NY after all. The damage didn’t stop at the jewelry, A purse and a pair of orange suede flats (which look nicer than they sound) were also part of the damage.



All in all, twas a very good day so hopping in bed now with a huge grin on my face.





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